Fine Batch Mixing Helix

TK225/16 / TK225D/16

$187.00-272.00 MSRP

£344.85-503.25 RRP

$172.00-250.00 RRP

The Fine Batch Mixing Helix, available in two sizes, is tailored for efficient mixing of fine dry materials and powders, ensuring uniform blending.


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The Fine Batch Mixing Helix is specifically engineered for the meticulous mixing of fine dry materials and powders. Its design promotes rapid lifting and shearing actions, ensuring a uniform mix and comprehensive integration of colors and additives. One of its standout features is the large 225mm diameter of the paddle. This design choice not only enhances the mixing efficiency but also reduces the need for high RPM mixing, minimizing the risk of flash curing.

For versatility in various mixing tasks, the Fine Batch Mixing Helix comes in two sizes:

  • The half-height paddle, suitable for mixing 1-3 bags.
  • The full-height paddle, optimized for blending 4-6 bags.

This helix paddle is designed for use with our PH1816S Series and PH2516R Series motors for use with the Portamix Mega Hippo.

Additional information

Mix Size

Full-Batch, Half-Batch


2.5kg, 2kg


09421906819380, 09421906819397


Material:Zinc-plated steel
Thread: M16
Height (mm):760
Diameter (mm):235