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The new Pelican Mixer, an innovative upgrade to the Pelican Transport Cart, incorporates a lid, paddle, dust port connector, motor mount, and a 1300w German-made 2-speed motor. It offers a mixing capacity of 3-4 bags of self-leveler, complemented by a removable liner for easy cleaning and a simple pour function.


How Many Bags Mixed Until a Return on Investment?

This will calculate a basic look at when you can expect a return on investment with your Pelican Mixer machine. This takes into account the average hourly output of bags mixing in alternative methods vs the average output with a Pelican Mixer. You will notice that increasing team members also increases the bags it will take to make a profit, this is because you are introducing more labor overhead. If you have a team larger than 3 or 4 you should consider multiple Mega Hippo mixing stations to get the best return for your investment. This does not factor in other elements like easier cleanup, easier transportation, the ability to multi-task, etc. – those factors receive an immediate emotional and physical return on investment.
ROI Calculator - Pelican Mixer

Pelican Mixer | The Doorway to Faster Flooring

Introducing the Pelican Mixer, the newest member of the Portamix family, expertly designed to support professional-grade mixing tasks. This innovative mixer is ideal for those handling an average of 5-25 bags per job, specifically with standard leveling products. It’s crafted to perfectly complement the capabilities of our flagship Mega Hippo Mixer, focusing on precision and efficiency for small to medium-scale projects.

Key Features Tailored for Professional Use:

  • 1300w German-made 2-speed motor: Delivers optimal performance for standard mixing tasks.
  • Targeted Mixing Capacity: Ideal for efficiently mixing 3-4 bags of self-leveler, tailored for projects that don’t demand the high capacity of the Mega Hippo.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Features a user-friendly pouring function for smooth and controlled dispensing.
  • Superior Dust Management: Includes a dust port connector to ensure a cleaner, healthier work environment.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Equipped with a removable and replaceable liner for quick and easy cleaning, maintaining the mixer’s longevity.

Elevating Your Mixing Standards with the Pelican Mixer

Optimized Motor for Specialized Tasks
The heart of the Pelican Mixer is a 1300w German-engineered motor, precisely selected to offer the best mix of power and operational efficiency for specific project sizes. This feature makes the Pelican Mixer an excellent choice for professionals focused on small to medium-scale, standard-leveling product tasks.

Project-Specific Design
Tailored for jobs requiring the mixing of 5-25 bags, the Pelican Mixer stands out as the go-to tool for professionals. Its capacity and motor are optimized for projects that are well-suited to its mixing power, offering a perfect blend of performance and practicality.

User-Centric Innovation
With its practical pouring function and effective dust control system, the Pelican Mixer is designed to enhance productivity and maintain a clean working environment. These thoughtful features underscore our commitment to creating solutions that improve project outcomes and user satisfaction.

A Commitment to Quality and Durability
Recognizing the importance of reliability, the Pelican Mixer includes a durable, easy-to-clean liner, supporting its continued operation and effectiveness on the job site. This commitment to quality ensures that professionals can depend on the Pelican Mixer for their specific project needs.

The Pelican Mixer is the ideal solution for professionals seeking precision and efficiency for small to medium-scale mixing tasks. It serves as a complement to the Mega Hippo Mixer, offering tailored capabilities for projects that fit its specialized design. With its focus on optimizing project outcomes, the Pelican Mixer represents Portamix’s dedication to supporting the professional community with high-quality, innovative mixing solutions.

Your Project Partner
Choose the Pelican Mixer for its dedicated design, optimized for the specific demands of professional-grade, standard leveling tasks. Its strategic features and efficient performance make it a valuable asset for those seeking to elevate their mixing standards, ensuring every project benefits from the precision and reliability synonymous with Portamix.

Additional information






Bowl Capacity:85 Litres/ 22 Gallons
Mix Capacity:3x 20kg mix plus water (80kg) 3x44Ibs mix plus water (177Ibs)
Dimensions:mm: 610W x 795D x 1250H
in: 24W x 31D x 49H
Weight: 47kg / 104Ibs
RPM (No Load):1ST Gear 170/ 2ND Gear 340
Package Includes:Pelican Cart
Motor (PP1314-110)
Motor Mount (PP650)
Canister Lid (PH718)
Liner (PH705)
Jetstream Paddle (TK200P)
User Manual