Badger Mini Mixer


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£475.00 RRP

$1169.00 RRP

The Badger Mini Mixing Station brings the same revolutionary mixing efficiency to the smaller jobs that require a sleeker mini mixer. It features a universal mixer mount compatible with various hand mixers and a specially designed Portamix paddle (standard M14 mount) for consistent, lump-free results. Its innovative shaped canister and custom paddle ensures complete mixing for your next floor installation.


How Many Bags Mixed Until a Return on Investment?

This will calculate a basic look at when you can expect a return on investment with your Badger mini mixing station. This takes into account the average hourly output of bags mixing in alternative methods vs the average output with a Badger. You will notice that increasing team members also increases the bags it will take to make a profit, this is because you are introducing more labor overhead. If you have a team larger than 2 or 3 you should consider multiple Badger mini mixing stations to get the best return for your investment. This does not factor in other elements like easier cleanup, easier transportation, the ability to multi-task, etc. – those factors receive an immediate emotional and physical return on investment.
ROI Calculator - Badger

The Standard in Small Batch Mixing: The Badger Mini Mixer:

  • Universal Mixer Compatibility: Equipped with an adjustable mount that fits a broad range of hand mixers, enhancing flexibility for users.
  • Specialized Mixing Paddle: The large Portamix paddle is specifically engineered to lift and shear mixing materials effectively, ensuring a smooth, air-free mix.
  • Fluid-Dynamic Canister Shape: Unique canister design prevents material build-up at the bottom, ensuring all contents are thoroughly mixed.

Built for Efficiency and Convenience:

  • High Capacity Mixing: The spacious 20-gallon canister allows mixing of up to three standard self-leveling bags with water, ideal for when a Mega Hippo is too much machine.
  • Precision Pouring Spout: Molded spout design facilitates accurate and clean pouring, reducing waste and mess.
  • Robust and Portable Design: Features a powder-coated frame and large 8-inch solid wheels for stability and ease of transport across various surfaces.

Designed with User-Friendly Attributes:

  • Effortless Cleaning: Disposable liners reduce cleanup time, allowing for quick turnover between mixes. (Liner is releasing separately; not pictured in images or available yet)
  • Adjustable and Ergonomic Handling: T-bar handle and adjustable height settings provide comfort and control during transport and pouring.

Additional Benefits:

  • Labor and Time Saving: Streamlines the preparation process, significantly cutting down labor time and effort.
  • Compact for Easy Storage: The two-piece handle and compact frame design make it easy to transport and store in smaller spaces.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Backed by an included 1 year warranty, which extends to a 3-year warranty upon online registration, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Additional information


Bowl Capacity:75 Litres/20 Gallons
Mix Capacity:3x 20kg mix plus water (80kg)
3x 44Ibs mix plus water (177Ibs)
Dimensions (mm):mm: 592W x 660D x 1014H
in: 23W x 26D x 40H
Weight: 31kg / 68lbs
Package Includes:Badger Cart (PMB60/PB705)
Badger Helix Paddle (TWP160)
User Manual