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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I mix in a Mega Hippo?

The Mega Hippo can mix polyaspartics, polyesters, epoxies, MMA’s, urethanes, cement-based coatings, water-based coatings, acrylics, and more.

You should never attempt to mix inflammable or explosive substances with an electric powered machine or products with a low flash point.

To choose the right paddle size, consider the size of your mix.

  • For smaller mixes, typically 2-3 bags, the smaller paddle should suffice. Ensure the paddle is fully submerged for optimal mixing.
  • For larger mixes, around 4-6 bags, use the larger paddle. Remember that even with the larger paddle, it’s essential to keep it submerged to achieve the designed mix with proper fluid dynamics.

Keep in mind that the exact amount can vary based on factors like bag size, mix fluidity, and any added aggregate. The goal is to achieve a thorough blend without splashing or introducing air.

To troubleshoot inconsistency in your mix, here are a few things to double check:

  • The proper paddle size is being used for your mix (generally small for 2-3 bags, large for 4-6 bags)
  • The water ratio is matching the intended ratio of the product compound. Be sure to read the manufacturer details for more information.
  • One or more of the mixing steps are not being followed:
    • Add all water first
    • Turn on at a low speed
    • Add bags slowly, stopping before the final bag
    • Turn the machine off
    • Scrape the excess material on the sides
    • Switch the motor to high speed
    • Turn on and add the final bag
    • Stop the machine once more after 15-20 seconds to allow any trapped air to escape and scrape the sides once more if needed
    • Turn the machine on and mix for the manufacturer recommended time per bag (varies across all products)
  • Check the temperature of the water and compounds. Some rapid set products may be temperamental if they are too hot.
    • Some solutions we’ve seen include putting bags of ice over the hose line to help cool the water or having product always delivered to a cooler spot on location a day before mixing.

The primary cause of the majority of motor issues reported have come down to an incorrect extension cable or power lead. Using a large enough gauge is critical to both the motors safe use and your own. Standard power cables are not a high enough rating for our machines, we highly suggest using contractor grade or anything 12 gauge and up.

An additional problem that could arise is not keeping the vents of the motor clean for proper ventilation and heat management as the motor is running.

All of our motors are German manufactured and purposefully made with minimal electronics to limit any potential failures.

That being said, if you are finding an issue with yours that does not come down to one of these causes – you can contact either us or your dealer you purchased with to find your closest authorized repair facility or you can directly purchase a replacement motor if that’s a better solution. All of our motors are made to fit our standard motor mount and every piece of the Mega Hippo and Pelican units are available as a spare part for easy replacement and mitigating down-time.

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