Pelican Cart Kit


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Pelican and Dust Control Kit: A comprehensive solution combining the Pelican Transport Cart with the Dust Control Kit, enhancing mixing and transport capabilities while ensuring dust-free operations. Does not include hand mixer


How Many Bags Mixed Until a Return on Investment?

This will calculate a basic look at when you can expect a return on investment with your Pelican Cart Kit mixing station. This takes into account the average hourly output of bags mixing in alternative methods vs the average output with a Pelican Cart Kit (usage will vary depending on the motor you pair with this and it’s own rpm and power). You will notice that increasing team members also increases the bags it will take to make a profit, this is because you are introducing more labor overhead. If you have a team larger than 2 or 3 you should consider multiple Pelican Cart Kits or other mixing stations we have available to get the best return for your investment. This does not factor in other elements like easier cleanup, easier transportation, the ability to multi-task, etc. – those factors receive an immediate emotional and physical return on investment.
ROI Calculator - Pelican Cart Kit

Pelican and Dust Control Kit: The Ultimate Solution for On-Site Mixing Tasks

In the realm of construction and flooring, efficiency, precision, and cleanliness are paramount. The Pelican and Dust Control Kit emerges as a beacon of innovation in this space, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses all these needs and more. Let’s dive deep into the myriad of features, benefits, and reasons why this kit is an indispensable asset for professionals in the industry.

1. The Heart of the Kit – The Pelican Transport Cart: The Pelican Transport Cart is not just a transportation tool; it’s a masterclass in design and functionality. Primarily crafted to transport mixes from the Mega Hippo to the application site, its well-balanced design ensures that even a single individual can handle transportation and pouring tasks with unmatched precision.

2. Features that Elevate Functionality:

  • Accurate Pour Control: The cart boasts a large handle and a defined pour spout, ensuring every pour is accurate, minimizing wastage.
  • Easy Maintenance: The cart’s canister is designed for easy cleaning, devoid of rims or edges that can trap residue.
  • Splatter Guard Equipped Castors: These specialized castors ensure the bearings remain uncontaminated, prolonging their life and ensuring smooth movement.
  • Maneuverability and Accessibility: The all-swiveling castors promise easy-roll maneuverability, and its compact design ensures it can easily pass through standard doorways, making it suitable for various sites.

3. The Game-Changer – The Dust Control Kit: While the Pelican Transport Cart is a marvel in its own right, the addition of the Dust Control Kit elevates its functionality to new heights. This kit doesn’t just control dust; it transforms the Pelican into an agile on-site mini mixer.

4. Seamless Integration with Hand Mixers: Although the hand mixer is not part of the package, the kit thoughtfully provides a motor mount. This ensures that users can easily integrate their hand mixers, ensuring a seamless mixing experience. For those who prioritize perfection, the Portamix Hand Mixer is available for an OEM fit and design, ensuring optimal compatibility.

5. Efficient Dust Control: Dust can be a significant concern during mixing tasks. The kit addresses this by providing a lid and a vacuum hose cuff. This allows users to connect a vacuum, ensuring efficient dust control, a cleaner workspace, and adherence to safety standards.

6. Versatility in Mixing: With the ability to handle up to three bags, the Pelican, when combined with the Dust Control Kit, becomes a versatile mixing solution. Whether it’s a small task or a complement to the Mega Hippo for larger projects, this combination ensures efficiency and precision.

7. Customization for Perfect Fit: Recognizing that professionals might have different hand mixers, the kit offers the flexibility of purchasing a separate spacer. This ensures that regardless of the make and model of the hand mixer, it snugly fits the included mount, ensuring stability during the mixing process.

In Conclusion: The Pelican and Dust Control Kit is not just a product; it’s a comprehensive solution designed with the user’s needs in mind. From transportation to mixing, from dust control to seamless integration with hand mixers, this kit promises to deliver on all fronts. For professionals who refuse to compromise on efficiency, precision, and cleanliness, this kit stands as an embodiment of all these values. Invest in the Pelican and Dust Control Kit and redefine your on-site mixing experience.

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Bowl capacity:85 litres/160kg
Dimensions (mm):605W x 795D x 960H
Weight: 36kg
Package Includes:Pelican Cart
Canister Lid
Jetstream Helix
User Manual