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How Portamix Makes a Difference with Chris Jankowski of Stanley Stephen's Company

Portamix Mega Hippo Review by Will and Dane from Schönox

Portamix Partnership Review by Stephen Schaible of Stanley Stephen's Company

Portamix Mega Hippo Testimonial by John Wilson from Pro Floor

Portamix Mega Hippo Review by David Kealy from All Prep Floors

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When contractors review the Mega Hippo, this is what they say:

Brian Berry | Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions
Brian Berry | Advanced Leveling & Concrete SolutionsUSA | March 2016
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“Bought my first Portamix hippo just over 2 years ago, my pump now collects dust. I have a 4000 bag pour coming up in New Orleans where they are requiring 1/2" of Ardex. My plan was to purchase 2 more Portamix hippos and run 8 for the duration of the mix. I know Ben Mack quite well. I am an Ardex Level Master Elite and have been for around 12 years. My guys prefer the Portamix hippos over anything we have tried.”
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Dave | Diverse Screeding
Dave | Diverse Screeding UK | August 2016
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Bought this in the last quarter of 2015 and it was “smashing…more handy than pumps on smaller projects because it saves setting up time.
Garth Gaffney | VP of Decorative for HPS Schönox
Garth Gaffney | VP of Decorative for HPS SchönoxUSA | February 2016
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We have found the Hippo mixer to be a great bridge between the typical entry method of mixing self levelers using a manual held drill/paddle, a open barrel and a flat car for moving the mixture and those big self contained mixing / pumping machines. Our goal is to assist/inform our customers with " whatever new / improved methods" are being used ! This makes us and our direct customers better business partners and the final customer gains from this internal quest to constantly seek improvements !!
Ian | Stone Techniques
Ian | Stone TechniquesUK | August 2016
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Portamix – It’s a game changer, saves so much time, fantastic. When you don’t have the Portamix with you on small 15 meter square jobs you tip out the mix and say, ah, no, this is going to take AGES….!
Capital Flooring
Capital FlooringUK | August 2016
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Used this in January 2016 as a sub-contractor for Orchid Flooring - “It makes a 2 man job a one man job. Very good and simple design"
Webster Ryan |President at Superior Surface Solutions
Webster Ryan |President at Superior Surface SolutionsKansas City | February 2016
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We have been buying your mixer through Unitec for several years now. It is, in my opinion, without equal for mixing floor underlayments and overlayments.
Kenny Boyd | Resin Coating Specialists
Kenny Boyd | Resin Coating SpecialistsUK | August 2016
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The portamix is flipping brilliant, 120 batch mixes of white shiny coating down on the Paint Shop Floor in the Bentley Car Show Room, Crewe today!
Jasson Green | Elite Resin Solutions
Jasson Green | Elite Resin SolutionsUK | February 2016
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I have used one of your mixers with orchid flooring we really like it. Its portable, easy to use, easy to clean and reduces mess a great deal. Good tool for the job!
Chris | Diverse Screeding
Chris | Diverse ScreedingUK | August 2016
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When we bought the Portamix we thought we wouldn’t use it much, now we are using it all the time, its brilliant.
Asa Nuttal | Capital Floor Preparation
Asa Nuttal | Capital Floor PreparationUK | February 2016
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I have one. It makes a 2 man job a one-man job.
Tom Dombalis | President at Atlantic Coast Concrete
Tom Dombalis | President at Atlantic Coast ConcreteFebruary 2016
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I have 3 of them. THEY ROCK I couldn't do what I do without them! Those things saved my butt more times than I can remember!
Scott DiStefano | Sika Corporation
Scott DiStefano | Sika CorporationUSA | August 2016
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“After completing laboratory and on-site field evaluations of the Portamix Mega Hippo mixer, Sika Corporation endorses this product to be used with the following Sika materials...”
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Chris Nath | Concrete Restoration Technologies
Chris Nath | Concrete Restoration TechnologiesUSA | July 2019
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"I bought mine from Jon-Don, I believe about 4 or 5 years now, hands down the single best investment I've made to date. I can mix faster with 3 hippos and 2 mixing than I can with my pumps, with very little material waste or cleanup. It even made it possible to mix and place with just 1 guy. If you do any kinda mixing, if it be resin or cementitous it will pay for itself a hundred times over in the first year.
Roy | Roy Lane Ltd
Roy | Roy Lane Ltd UK | August 2016
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Bought this in December 2015 and I absolutely love it.