It’s official! Introducing Mega Hippo GEN-2

Perfection is a journey, not a destination as the Mega Hippo GEN-2 displays.

Possibly known in the development stage as the ‘X-Generation Mega Hippo’ this machine is now available as the Portamix Mega Hippo GEN-2.

The unique points-of-difference of the Mega Hippo GEN-2 is;

  • Higher Pouring Position
  • T-Bar Handle Configuration
  • Superior Mix Quality 


View the video to learn the benefits of the Mega Hippo GEN-2

Higher Pouring Position

By raising the pivot point, we have achieved a higher pouring position. While the machine stands at the same height as the standard Mega Hippo, when it’s tilted, the rear handles become 200mm (8″) higher.

The increased height improves the balance, which gives greater control when pouring heaver or higher viscosity materials. It also reduces the chance of the initial surge of liquid when pouring starts. 


T-Bar Handle Configuration

The creation of the T-bar handle, which sits at 100mm (4″) higher than the loop handle on a standard machine, gives greater control when maneuvering the full mixing station to the wet edge. 

Pour control is improved with the T-bar handles placed further apart and when the machine is fully tipped, the handles are 200mm (8″) higher than the standard Mega Hippo. The increased handle height reduces bending over and back strain even further.


Superior Mix Quality 

In making any physical improvements, Portamix must maintain the world-renowned superior mix quality. Mega Hippo GEN-2 is no exception and delivers guaranteed perfect mix every time. 


The Mega Hippo GEN-2 is available through all distributors globally, so find your nearest distributor here or click below to request a quote.