I have plenty of cheap labor to mix by hand, why buy a Mega Hippo?

Can all those who pay their laborers per bucket of material mixed stand up? 


There is nobody standing!


That fact is that nobody pays their team according to the number of buckets mixed on the job. 

What you receive payment for is related to the total square area you have covered.

Only that, nothing else. 

It is your profit that is affected by how fast and efficiently you can cover it.


And yet every day, there are thousands of buckets of compound being mixed, carried and poured by hand. Bucket after arm-wearing, back-aching bucket is mixed and carried by hand.


Why? Because labor is cheap….so you say.


Let me ask you something;

  • Are you paid to mix the compound?
  • Are you paid to carry the bucket by hand and pour it out?

A small elegant business person in suit standing with his back in front of a huge question mark in open space concept

If you answered “Yes,” then you can close this article and carry on working the way you do…


If you answered “No,” then let me tell you something.

This work method is robbing your bank account every time!!!


Mixing, carrying, and pouring is merely an unavoidable part of the process.

You receive an agreed dollar figure to cover a specific area, regardless of how many buckets you mix or how long it takes. Period.


Now for some common sense, but not common practice.

The higher your hourly production rate is, the faster you can cover the area; the more you can do in a day, the more you can earn!!


If you can increase your hourly productivity without increasing (or more likely decreasing) your labor costs, you’re laughing all the way to the bank. Video: Mixing self-levellers – the hidden costs and how to reduce them


If you have three to five people in a team, at least one person will be almost entirely focused on mixing and carrying. 

You, the employer, are paying that person to mix. 

But you are not being paid by your client for this. 


Now, if you were using:

  • A labor-saving mixing device,
  • That mixed carried and poured,
  • And your profit-eating mixing labor was instead used for a profit-making application
  • You are immediately increasing your money-earning productivity without increasing your costs!!


How many times do you read about companies striving for productivity savings and achieving 3%, 5%, or maybe 10%? 


Imagine achieving 30% or more!! 


One client told us that they were able to reduce their traditional three-person teams to a two-person team, reducing his labor cost by 33% and increase his hourly productivity by 40%!


Another client in England had a recent job with an extensive seamless flooring application. Two teams, each with a Mega Hippo, mixed and applied an epoxy resin floor coating at the rate of over 18m2 per minute. 

Over 1,090m2/11,730 square feet per hour!


It’s not rocket science to realize that your hand mixing methods are hitting your bank account harder than you ever knew!


Sure, you have to pay for a machine, but what’s $3,000 as a one-off investment instead of spending thousands every month for those mixing hours? Video: See the savings per mixed bag with using a Portamix Mega Hippo


In addition to this, consider two other important factors:

  • The human element factor; fatigue, backache, days off, physio, staff turn-over.
  • The quality factor, incomplete mixing through fatigue or time constraints, leads to poor quality finishes and possibly expensive remedial work.


And remember, product warranties do not cover failure through incomplete mixing or preparation.


Let me introduce the Portamix Mega Hippo; your new earner:

  • Saves you time, saves you effort
  • Mixes, carries, and pours
  • Works when you want it to
  • Won’t start late
  • Doesn’t knock off early
  • Doesn’t ask for time off
  • Doesn’t get hang-overs
  • You only pay for it once

Work smarter, not harder. 

Get ahead. 

If you don’t, your competition will!