We have been using Hippos for the last 15 years

With over 20 years experience in the industry, AllPrep Director David Kealy understands the need to maintain project deadlines and access requirements on both

large and small projects.

David is a market leader and licensed approved applicator for BASF, SIKA, ARDEX, MAPEI, PARCHEM, BOSTIK and HUSQVARNA.

Their effectiveness was showcased on Wentworth Point Sirius project (image below) and was featured in Australian National Construction Review here.

“We have been using Hippos for the last 15 years since they have come into the country from New Zealand and never had a problem since day one, they are very reliable.

All our guys prefer using Hippos, we’ve got pumps and everything else in the company, but the Hippo tends to be used the most on-site because of access.

You know, we’ve got tight areas where we’ve got to get into so the wheels on the machine are very good, they’ve got breaks so we can stop them and get them up and down some stair no problems.

Hippo has got a bigger motor and bigger mixing capacity so we can put more bags in, roughly getting five or six bags per Hippo, wherewith other machines we can only use four. So the consistency of the mix is greater, so once we get it on the floor, we can trowel it out a lot quicker.

Usability on the machine is excellent. Tipping out the product is very easy, we can tip it out in one straight line, all the product is mixed homogeneously and its easier to display.

Some of the other mixers there is a tendency to leave some dry product which is what we don’t want.

We have got five to fifteen machines out on-site, and they go nonstop every day. You know, they all tend to want to use the Hippo.”

David Kealy
Managing Director
AllPrep Flooring Specialists