Mega Hippo Gen II


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Introducing the Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II – a superior mixer tailored for 5-6 bags of self-leveling compounds. With enhanced balance and a raised handle, experience precision pouring and control, optimizing your flooring applications.


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How Many Bags Until I See a Return on Investment?

While this doesn’t account for other benefits like cleanup time, expenses related to poor quality when using alternative methods, or other effeciencies (like the ability to multitask) – this calculator does a basic cost to output calculation to give you an idea of how fast (or slow if you aren’t leveling as often) you can expect to see a financial return on your purchase. Emotional and physical return on investment is immediate in the form of back pain relief and effortless quality in your mixes.
ROI Calculator - Mega Hippo Heavy Duty Gen II

Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II: Redefining the Standards of Mixing Precision and Efficiency

In the ever-evolving world of construction and flooring, the tools and machinery you employ can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your work. The Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II emerges as a beacon of innovation in this space, setting new benchmarks in mixing excellence and operational ease.

1. A Legacy of Excellence with a Touch of Innovation: The Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II is not just another mixer in the market. It carries forward the legacy of the renowned Mega Hippo, enhancing it with design tweaks that cater to the modern-day needs of professionals. The Gen II variation, with its raised upper handle, stands taller, ensuring that users experience an unmatched balance and control, especially during the critical phases of maneuvering and pouring.

2. Designed for the Demands of Modern Flooring:

  • Optimized for Varied Materials: The Mega Hippo Gen II is a powerhouse, capable of mixing between 5-6 bags of self-leveling compounds or similar materials. This makes it an indispensable tool for flooring applications where consistency and quality are paramount.

3. Unparalleled Control and Precision: The raised handle isn’t just an aesthetic enhancement. Standing 200mm higher than the standard PMH Mega Hippo, it ensures that users have better leverage and control, especially when dealing with higher viscosity materials. This design nuance ensures that pouring is not just about transferring material but doing so with pinpoint accuracy.

4. A Spectrum of Possibilities: The versatility of the Mega Hippo Gen II is one of its standout features. Whether you’re dealing with construction compounds, resins, or any other material, this machine ensures a consistent mix, every single time.

5. Efficiency, Not Just a Buzzword: In the competitive world of construction, time is money. The Mega Hippo Gen II promises not just efficiency but an enhancement in productivity. Its proven on-site performance ensures that professionals can achieve thorough mixing, blending, and placement without any mess or wastage.

6. Safety and Cleanliness Go Hand in Hand: Dust can be a significant concern during mixing tasks. The Mega Hippo Gen II addresses this by incorporating a dust extraction port. This allows users to connect a vacuum, ensuring a cleaner workspace and significantly reducing dust-related hazards.

7. User-Centric Design: Every aspect of the Mega Hippo Gen II is designed keeping the user in mind. Its design ensures that even a single person can operate it with ease, translating to significant savings in time, effort, and labor costs. Moreover, the cleanup process is straightforward, even with challenging materials like epoxy, MMA, and various types of cement.

8. Enhance Your Experience with Optional Accessories: To further elevate the user experience, the Mega Hippo Gen II is compatible with a range of accessories. Whether it’s the X-Series Exterior Pneumatic Tires & Feet Set for enhanced mobility or the Canister Liner for easy cleanup, these additions ensure that users get the best out of their machine.

In Conclusion: The Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II is not just a product; it’s a statement. A statement that showcases a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and user satisfaction. For professionals who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency, this machine stands as a testament to what’s possible when precision meets efficiency. Elevate your mixing game, embrace the future with the Portamix Mega Hippo Gen II.

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PH2516R-110, PH1816S, PH1816S-110, PH2516R


2500W, 2300W, 1800W


220-240V, 110V


55kg, 52kg, 51kg, 48kg


09421906819045, 09421906819052, 09421906819069, 09421906819076


Bowl capacity: 6 x 20kg mix plus water (85 litres/160kg)
Motor:1800W 2-speed, RCD protected
Dimensions (mm):605W x 810D x 1400H
Design:NZ Patent No. 512632, All IP rights reserved
New Design Patent Pending
Package Contents:Mega Hippo Generation II
Canister Lid
F-Series Wheel Kit
Motor - 2-Speed
Full-batch Helix
Half-batch Helix
User Manual